ipset for iptables huge sets filtering

Install some stuff: apt-get install zip unzip ipset

Create hash set: ipset create hash_block hash:net

Block tcp connection:

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 25565 -m set --match-set sfs_block src -j DROP

May be useful with proxy-lists (sample mechanism works on our hosting), example with StopForumSpam list:

ipset destroy temporably
ipset create hash_block hash:net
ipset create temporably hash:net
wget -N http://flyspring.net/files/listed_ip_7.zip -P /tmp
unzip /tmp/listed_ip_7.zip -d /tmp/
sed 's:^:add tempset :' /tmp/listed_ip_7.txt > /tmp/listed_ip_7_importfile.txt
ipset restore < /tmp/listed_ip_7_importfile.txt
rm /tmp/listed_ip_7_importfile.txt /tmp/listed_ip_7.txt /tmp/listed_ip_7.zip
ipset swap tempset hash_block

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